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The Importance of Video Surveillance at ATMs

Security can get compromised anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is important that we stay prepared for it. In order to avoid loss of life, money and resources, surveillance is becoming an important concept in all walks of life.

The areas that are revolving around money should be secured. This is the reason why almost all ATMs have security cameras installed in its place of operation. ATMs carry a lot of cash and thus criminals are tempted to break into the ATM and steal the money.

Several cases have been reported where the ATM was attacked and robbed off all its money. Thus, it has become very crucial to have video surveillance in ATM vestibules. Video surveillance not only monitors the regular entry and exit of customers, but also makes sure that nobody operates the ATM using fraud attempts.

Here are some reasons that show the importance of video surveillance at ATMs:

  • Proper Documentation- Video surveillance will properly document the day-to-day activities. In this case, if a customer is troubled with a potential criminal, he or she will be identified and caught. The recording will make sure that nobody attempts to perform any malicious activity around the ATM. With proper installation and high quality Hikvision cameras, issues like DVR backdoor will not occur.
  • Prevent ATM Skimming- ATM Skimming is a process of using certain special devices to record and document the information of customers through their credit and debit cards. This is done by reading the magnetic stripes that are present at the back of the cards. The presence of video surveillance will identify if any such activity is taking place and it will be prevented as soon as possible.
  • Prevent Hidden Cameras- Most criminals have tried to attach a hidden security camera near the keypad of the ATM to record the ATM pins of various customers. If there are other security cameras in the ATM, then they can detect if someone is tampering with the ATM to install hidden camera. Once it is detected, it will be reported and the person will be caught.
  • Investigation- Video surveillance is one of the best evidences that you can have if a particular criminal activity has to be solved. So, if something goes wrong in the ATM vestibule, the security camera will be the best tool for solving the problem.

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